Buy Back Piano Option

3 Year option

Purchase a piano from us and decide to upgrade it within 3 years with us
and we will apply the original cost of the piano to your upgraded piano choice (original price not sale price of the replacement piano) minus the transportation delivery costs and 20% VAT of the part exchange piano original cost.

Ideal for clients

Our buy back option is there for those who are unsure of their first ever
piano purchase, or children learning and then progressing on.

What to know

The piano being used for the buyback option must be regularly maintained
with 6 monthly  or once a year piano tunings and not suffer any adverse climate effects or obvious cosmetic changes from its original condition. Best practices of care & maintenance can be found on our care page. We suggest keeping a record of piano tuning invoices for presentation of the piano at the part exchange time.

The “Buy Back Option” is only available on selected pianos.


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