Purchase Conditions


Full payment is due before the release of stock/delivery. A deposit to
secure the piano is acceptable but must be 25% of the final value of the piano.
We can accept all major credit cards and debit cards for deposits and BACS, cheques (5 working days to clear) and cash for final balance.


We act as a go between with a separate transport company who are insured
(details on request). Times given for deliveries are estimates only with
traffic it is impossible to give accurate times with full days of deliveries.

For deliveries, easy ground floor access is expected unless otherwise
agreed, as steps, tight angles and non-ground floor property deliveries are
charged at a quoted extra price. Parking restrictions should also be
communicated. We accept no responsibilities or liabilities for any delays,
damage or loss. We will make a charge for failed deliveries if the client
receiving the piano is deemed at fault for not communicating all the above or fails to give access for whatever reason.

Tuning & Maintenance

It is part of the warranty to have your piano regularly tuned and checked on a minimum of once a year, if your piano is being used heavily/professionally then once every 6 months or your warranty will be void.

We cannot be held responsible for any issues with pianos caused by bad
atmospherics, sun, damp, humidity, dryness, moving by non-professional
experienced, uninsured transport companies. We advise to obtain a quality
humidity and temperature gauge to review constant changing atmosphere with the

We reserve the right to charge full fee for failed piano tuning/maintenance
out calls which have been previously arranged consensually.

Free tunings

Free tunings are the responsibility of the client to get in touch with us and arrange.

Where we offer free tunings we attend the tuning ourselves if within 30 miles or offer an accredited piano tuner in your area. Piano tunings are vital for keeping your warranty viable.

Piano tuning first visit 4/8 weeks after purchase is also vital to survey the room the piano is stored in, making sure no radiators are near the piano, the piano is not in direct sunlight and a humidity and temperature is taken.

If you’re within a set 30 mileage range of our showroom in Dorset we can offer your new piano purchase two free piano tunings if within the first 4/8 weeks of ownersip. This is vital as we can tune it for its first tuning in 4-8 weeks (pianos always have a settling in period where the tuning can be unstable) after delivery and then again for the change of seasons at 6 months after the first tuning. Having the first two tunings free is overlooked by the majority of piano dealers!






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