We Buy Pianos

Selling your piano?

From whether your looking to make some more space, moving, stopped playing or want to buy a new piano of which we can then take your old piano as part exchange, we can help you, if you want to sell your piano.

What we need from you.

Please just email us with a photo or two of just the case or if you’re brave the inside workings as well. Also, the name on the piano, if it’s a grand or an upright and let us know the general condition, scratches, digs and fading of case. If you can find the serial number inside the piano, that would be of great help for us to age the piano, please see photo below to see where you can find in most cases the serial number.



In most pianos, the serial number is printed on the top half of the Gold frame, sometimes in the middle but mostly as in above example on the right. Failing that do not worry as we can age a piano within 10 years from the case design.

Once we have most of the above information we can then decide if we are interested in a visit to the piano to see how it sounds and plays and make you an offer.



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