Our workshop is clear for all our clients to see when they visit our showroom. We are proud to show visitors any works under way and answer any technical questions they may have. We believe it is so important these days to give customers a reassurance that we know pianos literally inside and out.

Works in progress

Often, we have client’s pianos and our own recent sales stored for delivery in the workshop. To the left of this image is a Steinway M series action awaiting new Renner hammers to arrive and be fitted. It is not the tidiest of workshops but it is busy and well used.

Finishing Polishes

We have in the past completed so much French polishing on pianos and we still often will use this traditional material on our restoration projects. We also match in and make minor repairs on various other finishes such as Polyester. It is very rewarding work but can be very messy.

French polishing and minor repairs to piano finishes takes years of learning and practice, only a fully fitted our workshop can take on this type of work.

Spare parts & tools

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