Piano Rental

Who would benefit from our rental scheme?

Beginners are going to do best from our rental scheme as nobody knows when they start if they will keep up with the practice and take to playing. With a small amount of money, you can have a beginner’s piano delivered to you with no worries about paying out large sums of money.

How much does it cost?

Transport delivery – £250, paid in advance.

Rental  £35 per month, first month paid in advance. 

End of rental £250 to be paid for return unless otherwise agreed.

The minimal rental period is 6 months, if you end the agreement before the end of the 6 months you will be invoiced for the remaining balance unless agreed otherwise.


Why rent and not have a free piano from the internet?

If you ask around you will soon find people’s experience of obtaining a free or cheap piano from a persons home is often a risky business. First you must pay for transport costs at a non-discounted price (£250) and then pay a piano tuner to visit (£96) to be often told that the piano cannot be tuned as there are a number of serious faults that are expensive to fix, your then left with the expense of disposing of the piano that costs in the region of £250. So, in total you have an unnecessary expense totalling around £596.

Pianos can have hidden major faults that make them unserviceable.

Reasons to rent.

  1. Free once a year servicing.
  2. Hassle free piano ownership.
  3. No large financial outlay while your child or you decide if learning the piano is a long term option.
  4. Low cost removal at the end of the agreement.
  5. Create a deposit fund for upgrade purchase.

What happens at the 6-month rental point?

In short this is the time to decide to carry on with renting or cash in.

At the 6 month point you can decide to return the piano and walk away knowing that you gave the piano a good try or you can use the rental cost minus the VAT £168 to put towards one of our pianos to purchase, we can also allow a further £150 so a total of £318 towards your piano purchase. Or you can decide to carry on the rental for another 6 months. Further rental cost after the first 6 months cannot be applied for any future purchase.

What kind of piano do you receive?

The piano will be an upright piano which will be tuned and regulated, sometimes the pianos are serviced at our workshop other times we will attend on or near the delivery day to your home to complete the service. We cannot offer different finishes and sizes although the most common finish is a Mahogany wood look of vintage style. Occasionally we can offer the more modern looks. We post up images on this page regulary of available pianos for rental.

What happens if there are problems with the piano?

In that unlikely event, we will visit to remedy. We advise to keep pianos away from heat sources such as direct sunlight and heaters and to keep the humidity between 40%-60%, if you do this there will be no issues. As part of the rental you the piano can have a service visit once a year.




Short Term Rental – Events

We have a Yamaha G1 available for hire at £240 per month in high gloss black, plus transport costs, please get in touch with the location for a transport quote.

Upright pianos below are available for long term home rental.

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