Steinway O Piano c1938 – £35000

We are delighted to offer this fully restored Steinway O in our Dorset showroom, this is a rare opportunity to purchase a piece of Steinway piano history. This Steinway has been sympathetically restored to its original condition using only traditional materials and maintaining as much of the original internals/parts as possible. We can safely confirm that this is a Steinway piano and not a Steinwas, as we do not remove the original soundboard as we believe the tone is far better with an original Steinway soundboard, and as proof just sitting down to play this piano will prove with its outstanding tone that when they made these pianos, they made them to last and be repaired and restored and not ripped apart from the inside out just leaving the casework.

In sympathy with the restoration we have used traditional French polish to restore the case veneers in its original Red Mahogany. French polish renders a far more natural look to the veneer, giving much more warmth and depth to the finish compared to high shine Polyester that is used on all new pianos and now on many restored pianos. Polyester is sprayed on and buffed whereas French polish takes weeks to finish not just days, but the time is well worth the result. The reason for Polyester finishing is purely economic restoring time and the fact that new pianos rely now on very restricted access to hard wood veneers most pianos come in Black or very thin veneers need allot of protection from a hard modern finish.

This is a vary rare oppertunity to aquire a Steinway model O. At 5′ 10¾” (180 cm), the Model O is the largest of Steinway’s “small grands.” This piano is large enough to satisfy those who demand a full, rich sound, yet sized to fit in almost any home. This piano in our Dorset piano showroom has been completely restored.

We have completed the following.

Removed Iron frame and refinished.

Stripped and restored the soundboard, so this piano has the orignal Steinway soundboard with its rich and full tone complete with crown.

Casework and veneers completely stripped and restored in traditional high gloss French polish, just like when it was originally built, NO POLYESTER!

Pedal mechanism completely restored.

Completely restrung with bass strings supplied and made by S.Parke & Co

All Brass works cleaned.

Key bushings replaced and all original key coverings polished as new.

The entire workings of the internal action are new supplied by Renner, Steinway owned company, official parts.

This piano sounds and plays like a brand new Steinway, please feel free to contact us to arrange a private viewing.


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