Samick Upright Piano – £1450

This piano comes with our 2 year warranty.

Samick small upright piano used but in perfect condition c1989 now for sale in our Dorset piano shop. This piano has been tuned to concert pitch A440 and has been regulated and thoroughly check structurally and we are confident to offer our 5 year warranty with this piano which is the same that you would get from a new piano. Good tone and touch to suit all grades.

Samick is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world, and the third largest producer of pianos. They have many brands of piano world wide. In the UK, we have Samick & Reid-Sohn. Samick have shares in Steinway & Sons. Samick produce a wide range of piano designs, colours and performance ranges, with 14 different case finishes on the JS range of uprights. TUV of Germany have issued Samick with the first ISO 9001 rating ever given to a musical instrument, proving through third party certification that the entire Samick production process is truly excellent.

The ‘scale’ of the piano determines the eventual tone of the instrument. The design of the piano’s scale is therefore extremely important. Samick commissioned the world renowned Klaus Fenner from Germany to design all of their new instruments. He incorporated a “German Scale Design” in all of his pianos. This design pulls the string to a higher tension than normal, which tames the string divisions, resulting in a pleasing tone to the human ear. Samick uses Roslau Piano Strings from Germany to produce this tone.

Please feel free to arrange a viewing of this piano in our Dorset piano showroom.


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