British Made Baby Grand Piano – £1250

This piano comes with a 6 month warranty and matching stool and one free tuning if local buyer, make an appointment to view in our Dorset piano showroom.

4.4ft Legnth
Width 146cm

This British made baby grand in Mahogany was made around the late 1920s but even though it’s 100 years old soon it still has playing life left in it for some years yet. The case is faded slightly in places but very few scratches and the veneers are in tact. The case in the whole is good for its years.

We have completed extensive internal works on this piano, regulating all the dampers, replacing all the hammer centre pins and jack centre pins. Also the piano has been regulated, checks, set off, balance rail washers, jack springs and hammer blow. Also the piano has been tuned to A440 concert pitch.

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