Balfour & Son High Gloss Black Piano – £1250

* Includes 1 year warranty.

*Dimensions 108cm height.

*88 Note full octave.

*3 Pedal system includes practice pedal.

*Includes one free tuning.

Dorset Pianos – This piano comes with our 12 month warranty for structure and parts exc normal wear & tear.

A great little beginners or intermediate players piano, we have completed our multi point check structure and regulation and tuned to A440 concert pitch. Piano was made around the mid 1980s to late. It’s not a well known piano but the design is overstrung, under damper, solid spruce soundboard and full cast plate, everything in design that newer pianos have. The case work is in good condition with hardly any scratches to detract from the looks. Very little wear and tear in the piano so could easily be sold on when an upgrade would be required.

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