From Learners To Professional Piano Players

Thank you for visiting our website where we hope we can help and guide you to your piano purchase from our Dorset piano showroom.

Learning Pianos.

We have a good selection of pre-loved upright pianos for your child’s first ever piano to give them the very best start on the road to learning the piano. We give a 5-year warranty on all our pianos so you are secure in knowing the piano will see your child through to at least grade 4-5. We also stock the next level up upright pianos which can also be purchased as the first piano if for instance there is a musical gene in the family and we can be reasonably sure that your child will have an innate ability and keep up the playing into future years.

All our upright pianos also make lovely pieces of furniture with many different finishes.

Pianos For The Advanced.

We always have pre-loved refurbished pianos in stock for the advanced piano player.

Our Pianos.

As mentioned all our pianos come with a 5-year warranty, some have had a partial refurbishment while others have had a full restoration, our over 100 years’ total experience will guide you into making the exact right purchase for you. Most of our prices include delivery and all our prices include one free tuning which takes place 8 weeks after delivery to ensure the piano has settled into its new atmosphere.