Bluthner Grand Piano Sold

Why buy from us? We have been in the piano business since 1953 when Ronald Ware the founder of our piano business completed his apprenticeship at Hickies & Hickies music shop Boscombe, Dorset where his master could also trace his learning lineage back to the 19th century. We have been expertly restoring, repairing and tuning pianos for Radio 4, music colleges, and were former County Council contract school piano tuners and repairers for Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex, Harrow and Bucks. Our experience and expertise is second to none. We sell only Pianos; your piano purchase is special to us and would love to continue the after care for years to come! Also we offer two free tunings!

We have completed the following.

• Removed Iron frame and refinished.
• Stripped and restored the soundboard, so this piano has the orignal Bluthner soundboard with its rich and full tone complete with crown.
• Casework and veneers completely stripped and restored in traditional French polish, just like when it was originally built, NO POLYESTER!
• Pedal mechanism completely restored.
• Completely restrung with bass strings supplied and made by *William Hughes Ltd, and steel strings with German made by Roslau.
• All Brass works cleaned.
• Key bushings replaced and all original key coverings polished as new.
• Bluthner patent action abstracts have new felts and leathers.
• Fitted with Bluthner patent weight and sized correctly hammer heads made in Germany by Abel.
• New damper felts.

This piano sounds and plays just like a Bluthner patent action and soundboard should, please feel free to contact us to arrange a private viewing. The tone is typical of this age of Bluthner with a wonderful mellow tone allowing for expressive playing.

* Bass strings were made to patern by William Hughes Ltd who have been supplying piano bass strings for nearly 200 years to the piano industry, they use Roslau steel core steel. All bass strings use Degen copper wire spun onto Roslau round polished steel for the finest quality available today. Their modern, well-equipped factory is the only one of its kind to be built in Europe since the early 1900’s. Their expert staff monitor quality control throughout the manufacturing process and they are continually updating their facilities to incorporate the best of modern techniques.

This piano restoration was completed by Dorset Pianos Ltd in 2021.

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