Restored Yamaha U3 c1970 Upright Piano – Sold

Restored Yamaha U3 c1970 Upright Piano – Sold

Whats Was Included…

•2 year warranty.
•Third pedal Celeste/practice pedal.
•2 free tunings if within 30 miles.
•Delivery UK ground floor if within 50 miles (no steps).
•Matching new adjustable stool, fully assembled.
•Has received multi point check and full expert works by one of the Uk’s most experienced piano restorer.

What was restored?

  • Hammer butt flanges & Loops replaced with Renner action parts, as all older Yamaha pianos have weak butt spring loops which break and effect the repetition..
  • Hammers refaced present a uniformed surface to the strings and a very even tone.
  • c2016 all key bushings were replaced.
  • Now been fine regulated.
  • Tuned to A440 pitch.

Yamaha U3 (c1971) the piano which is so popular and sort after especially restored versions such as this one. We have removed all the hammers and replaced hammer butt spring loops and refaced all the hammers. The case is in good condition and the piano is structurally very sound, as is the internal workings. A wonderful even tone and very responsive touch, all working to a very high standard. We have tuned the piano to A440 standard concert pitch.

We have thoroughly checked over the piano’s cosmetics and structurally and looked over for wear and tear. We are pleased to include our 2 year warranty with this piano and two free tunings as well as free delivery if within our free zone.

No quibble 14 day return policy or exchange, customer is responsible for return.

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