Weinbach (Petrof) Pianos

Dimensions Length 144cm Depth 54.5cm Height 119cm Leg Room 63.4cm


What’s included.
• 2 Years warranty.
• Delivery ground floor if within 30 miles (no steps).
• Third practice pedal.

Weinbach are made by Petrof and placing the same size Petrof side by side you wouldn’t be able to see the difference except for the badge. The same high quality in manufacturing and firm touch and layered tone. The longest music desk possible for an upright piano with the full length of the keyboard. We have included photos of the hammer heads as the Petrof stamp can be seen on them. An underused piano in its life so far and a low price makes this used piano a great bargain. This model brand and age would normally go for £3500! Please feel free to contact us to view at our Dorset showroom.

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