Knight K10 Upright Piano In Mahogany

Knight K10 Upright Piano In Mahogany

Why buy from us? We have been in the piano business since 1953 when Ronald Ware the founder of our piano business completed his apprenticeship at Hickies & Hickies music shop Boscombe, Dorset where his master could also trace his learning lineage back to the 19th century. We have been expertly restoring, repairing and tuning pianos for Radio 4, music colleges, and were former County Council contract school piano tuners and repairers for Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex, Harrow and Bucks. Our experience and expertise is second to none. We sell only Pianos; your piano purchase is special to us and would love to continue the after care for years to come! Also, if you’re within 70 miles of Bournemouth we offer two free tunings!

Dimensions Height 113cm Width 143cm
Depth 55cm Leg Room 62cm


What was Included…

• 2 year warranty.
• 2 free tunings.
• Stool.
• Delivery UK ground floor (no steps).
• Castors.
• Has received multi point check and full expert works by one of the Uk’s most experienced piano restorer.

Unique aspects of the Knight K10.
The Knight K10 has longer strings than its other counterparts including Yamaha U1, they designed the harp so that the Bass strings could be at a more obtuse angle.

The K10 also has half an octave more dampers than its similar sized counterparts which was needed for the longer strings overall.

It’s the above aspects that made this piano such a popular piano and wonderful value for money.

Knight K10 one of the very best British makes and models sadly no longer made. Awesome tone and touch for the size of a Yamaha U1. Ideal for all grades and an affordable price for musicians and pianists who want the best their budget can buy.

This K10 is in mint condition with restored hammers and immaculate leathers and felts. Keeps tune to A440 pitch. The casework is in mint condition a great buy for 38 years old.

Phone: 07801541058
Upton Cottage, A354
Blandford, DT118BZ, UK
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