Steinbach (Samick) UP108D1 Used Upright Piano

Steinbach (Samick) UP108D1 Used Upright Piano

Steinbach (Samick) UP108D1 Used Upright Piano

Why buy from us? We have been in the piano business since 1953 when Ronald Ware the founder of our piano business completed his apprenticeship at Hickies & Hickies music shop Boscombe, Dorset where his master could also trace his learning lineage back to the 19th century. We have been expertly restoring, repairing and tuning pianos for Radio 4, music colleges, and were former County Council contract school piano tuners and repairers for Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex, Harrow and Bucks. Our experience and expertise is second to none. We sell only Pianos; your piano purchase is special to us and would love to continue the after care for years to come! Also, if you’re within 70 miles of Bournemouth we offer two free tunings!

Dimensions Length 146cm Height 109cm Depth 54.5cm Leg Room 59.5cm

Whats was included-

• 2 Years warranty.
• 2 Free tunings.
• Delivery UK ground floor (no steps).
• Stool.
• Third practice pedal.


We regularly obtain Steinbach pianos in our Dorset piano showroom as they were a very popular piano to purchase 20/30 years ago. Steinbach were made by Samick pianos of South Korea and have a great soundboard shape and are of a great quality for the price. This piano is in fantastic condition and before checking the serial number thought the piano would of been made around c2000. The case is in great condition as is the internal workings and very lightly used. The piano is tuned at A440 pitch and is in perfect playing condition.

Quality design aspects of this piano.

•Separate pressure string bars improving resonance and tuning stability.

•Under-felted hammer heads.

•Raised balance rail key-bushings rendering a more controlled touch.

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