Chappell Grand Piano 4.6ft c1935

Chappell Grand Piano 4.6ft c1935

4.6ft in length and width.

Now SOLD from our Dorset piano showroom.

Chappell pianos were one of the UK’s most popular piano makes during the twentieth century having been around making pianos since the 1840s. Later half of the twentieth century Chappell was purchased by Kemble. One assumes now that the Chappell brand is owned by Yamaha.

This model is stunning to look at and would be a definite centrepiece of any room it graces, with its gorgeous Burr Walnut veneer which is so difficult to see in modern pianos now. Also, the very striking carved Queen Anne legs are what gives this piano its’ uniqueness. Not only does this piano look fantastic, but it plays really well and has a lovely delicate but layered tone.

We have completed our multi point check and it is at A440 concert pitch.

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