Kawai Pre Loved Pianos

As a Kawai main Dorset dealer we can recommend Kawai used pre loved Pianos. This BS-20 was a Kawai we sold to a family whose daughter was very gifted player and will serve her well past University.


  • Includes 2 year warranty.

*Dimensions 125cm height (between K300 – K500).

*88 Note full octave.

*3 Pedal system includes practice pedal.

*Includes one free tuning.

  • Includes matching stool.

This Kawai pre loved has very little sign of wear & tear internally and externally is almost scratch free except for the slightest if you know where to look but to the casual eye looks immaculate! You could be easily fooled into thinking this is a newer piano of less than 10 years old.

We have completed our multi point check structurally and internally with regulation and tuning to A440 concert pitch.

If you can’t stretch to a new piano this would be your next best option at just a few centimetres shorter than the top of the range Kawai which sell for around £8000 RRP. So this piano is suitable for all abilities.