Samick (Crane) – £1599

Samick (Crane) – £1599

We shall get the name confusion out of the way first. This Piano has a retailers name on it from Liverpool but is in fact made by Samick. Samick are a very good Piano company although relatively unknown. They have had a partnership with Bechstein in the past, and now more recently they have considerable shares in Steinway & Sons! Samick were also the makers of another very high quality piano but also unknown by many, the Seiler.

We have restored the casework of this Red Mahogany veneer and there is zero fading, it looks beautiful in its high polish Polyester finish.

The build quality of this piano is excellent with solid large bracing bars on the rear of the Piano and all wooden action parts. It is immaculate inside with no wear and tear on the action. It has been tuned to concert pitch. The touch is light to medium and quite a surprise for its small stature, as its tone! A large tone from a small package. The quality of action part design has also extended to metal hammer butt plates which I would be more than pleased to show any inquisitive person.

This Piano has European build and sound quality written all over it.

Height 107mm/42 inchs

Length 148 /58

Depth 50 /20

Dorset pianos are pleased to be able to offer pianos with a 5 year warranty. With our 100 years of experience in pianos we thoroughly check all our pianos over. Buying pianos on the internet can be a minefield, so many aspects can be hidden from sight and be costly to rectify. We have found infestations of Moth that have eaten the felts, just to mention one nightmare scenario. Buying our pianos you can be assured to be purchasing as good as new.

We are the South of England’s premier piano specialists, a father & son business with over a hundred years experience between us. We held Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex Piano tuning school contracts back in the days of school Piano contracts, also Harrow and Bucks. So our experience in a wide range of pianos is very extensive and we posses the skill set to know pianos like very few others.

Viewing is by appointment only.

We can include one free tuning if within 60 miles.

Please get in touch for a quote on delivery.

From Wikipedia

Samick Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. (Hangul: 삼익악기KRX: 002450, also known as Samick) is a South Korean musical instrument manufacturer. Founded 1958, it is one of the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturers and an owner of shares in several musical instrument manufacturing companies.



Musical instruments




Lee Hyo-Ik


Eumseong County, South Korea, South Korea

Area served



Pianos, string instruments, and wind instruments


Samick owns several manufacturers of pianos (for example Wm. Knabe & Co., Pramberger, Kohler & Campbell and Seiler), guitars (for example Greg Bennett Guitars and Silvertone) and other instruments.

Samick also has a wide range of pianos. Its acoustic piano brands include Samick, Pramberger, Wm. Knabe & Co., Kohler & Campbell, and Gebrüder Schulze; and it has digital piano brands of Kohler, Samick Digital, and Symphonia. Samick recently announced the discontinuation of the Sohmer & Co. brand.

In 2004, Samick gained controlling interest in competitor Young Chang, but an anti-trust rulings in the U.S. and Korea ended the merger a year later.[3] From 2003 to 2009 Samick was associated with German C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik.

In addition, Bechstein and Samick have a joint venture factory in Shanghai, China. In October 2008, Samick announced its purchase of Seiler, another German piano company, that is generally agreed to compete with Bechstein at both price point and overall quality. The announcement raises questions about continued viability of relationship between Samick and Bechstein.

In late 2009, Samick acquired a 16.5% share of Steinway Musical Instruments. By November 2010, Samick’s share in Steinway Musical Instruments increased to 32%.[4]In 2013 Samick was outbid by John Paulson when Steinway and Sons was taken private.

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