Bluthner grand piano

£17,000 – 5ft 6inches

5 Year guarantee on parts subject to conditions. Please see our piano care and maintenance guide which is vital for our guarantee.

Free delivery South of Bristol to the wash. This is a very rare example of a fully restored piano, we have included here exactly what works we have completed.


Deep shine completely polished case work.


Original Bluthner piano soundboard which has been completely stripped, sanded and any defects repaired and finished with layering of traditional varnish. The cast iron frame has been completely rubbed down and refinished in spray and has had new felts fitted. Obviously also a complete restring, producing a typical warm tone of the Bluthner. The casework has also been completely stripped and been stained in Red Rosewood. The legs are brand new and were made from the original pattern of the old legs. The pedal system has been completely restored with new felts.


Deep shine completely polished case work.

The Veneers on this instrument are beautiful and very unique and rare to find on quality instruments at this time on the market. New castors have also been fitted to the legs. We only use traditional materials where possible and the main time consuming part of our piano restorations is the French polishing. French polish is far better looking than the modern Polyester with a richer warmer over all tone giving far more depth to the wonderful old veneer.


Newly varnished soundboard and restrung and iron frame cleaned and sprayed.

A great view of the internal, as new Bluthner grand piano. The action has had new springs fitted as well as completely new hammers and shanks, this instrument is as it was new. The keys have also been recovered. With the new strings and the perfect casework you could be forgiven thinking when playing this piano that it is fresh from the factory!


Viewing is by appointment only.


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