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Beware of Cowboys

The next step was a converted house next to a shopping parade with some new pianos. Very nice, but no training other than the experience as outlined above. Another move. Became a Steinway agent. Attended a one day seminar at Steinway Hall and promoted himself as a Steinway Technician! There’s magic! He discounted Steinways all over the UK, but we understand from a source that there were complaints regarding the action regulating that a Steinway technician should have known about.


He was then left with one agency, who presumably were not so fussy. Over 30 years we have not seen a number of their grand pianos that have not been prepared for performance.


Piano cabinets are now made with waste materials such as MDF and chipboard, covered with an inert material called polyester, so there is now a demand for quality rebuilt pianos made of natural well seasoned timber. Polyester is liable to blister and split if the panel core shrinks. MDF and chipboard is more likely to shrink than natural seasoned timber. Piano buyers are very vulnerable to these matters. It is therefore not surprising that vintage instruments made with natural well- seasoned timber are in demand to rebuild by Westminster Pianos, maybe to last another 100 years?



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Ready now: RONSON 5 foot baby grand. Polished mahogany. Completely restored.

Coming soon: BLUTHNER Boudoir grand in rich rosewood with original pattern turned legs.

Updated on 3rd March 2010



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Westminster Pianos

About Westminster Pianos

Westminster Pianos was established by Ronald G Ware in 1952 after working for 5 years for a Bournemouth piano company. Westminster Pianos was the contract piano tuners and restorers to Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire for over 30 years until government policy changed and stopped piano contract work with the advent of local school management and decentralization of expenditure.

Westminster Pianos then went on to be school contractors to West Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Surrey throughout the 1990's and up to the present day.

Ronald G Ware's son Nigel R Ware came into the family business from 1984 after leaving school, but had already been working with pianos since the age of 3 years old, having started dusting down piano parts.