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Piano Restorations

In major piano restorations the iron frame is removed to obtain access to the soundboard. The varnish is usually cracked and will admit the atmosphere to the timber, creating possible future problems. All splits are repaired and varnish stripped. The timber is cleaned and prepared, and then lacquered.


The iron frame is cleaned, and refinished with gold and clear lacquer. All frame screws/bolt heads are cleaned or re-plated. Complete restringing of bass and treble is undertaken. New hammers and damper felts are fitted.


Along with complete restringing, new hammers, damper felts, dampers tops polished, piano keys cleaned or recovered and polished. Also action springs are replaced if needed. Then action regulation, that is a very rare skill to set up the action to enable expressive playing.


The repolishing of the piano case is done with traditional french polish. The piano case has to be stripped of original finish, washed with methylated spirits, to neutralise the liquid stripper fluids, sanding with first course paper, medium and then fine paper. Apply colour filler to fill the grain. Apply the colour stain for the right veneer type and depth of tone. We can supply and fit new grand piano tops, grand piano legs, desks, falls. desk ends, and keyblocks. There are often occasions when clients have not recognised their instrument.



Full renovation of a grand piano to as new condition takes about four months. On completion of restoration the piano will need the same attention as a new piano in terms of regulation and stabilisation tuning. Westminster Pianos undertake free piano tuning for 12 months following such work. New piano strings need time under tension before the metal crystal structure develops to give long term tuning stability.

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Ready now: RONSON 5 foot baby grand. Polished mahogany. Completely restored.

Coming soon: BLUTHNER Boudoir grand in rich rosewood with original pattern turned legs.

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Westminster Pianos

About Westminster Pianos

About Westminster Pianos

Westminster Pianos was established by Ronald G Ware in 1952 after working for 5 years for a Bournemouth piano company. Westminster Pianos was the contract piano tuners and restorers to Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire for over 30 years until government policy changed and stopped piano contract work with the advent of local school management and decentralization of expenditure.

Westminster Pianos then went on to be school contractors to West Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Surrey throughout the 1990's and up to the present day.

Ronald G Ware's son Nigel R Ware came into the family business from 1984 after leaving school, but had already been working with pianos since the age of 3 years old, having started dusting down piano parts.

Westminster Pianos are experts in restoring high quality instruments such as Steinways, Bechsteins, Bluthners and have the rare skills that are required to repair soundboard's and restring and return your quality instrument back to its very best.