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Piano Restorations and Repairs

Piano owners should be vigilant in seeking piano repair and renovation work. To repair a piano properly requires skill, patience, dedication to excellence, resources and facilities, knowledge of piano design and above all integrity not to cut corners. Most pianos over 60 years old may be prone to progressive failure of the wrest plank (the wood block into which the tuning pins go). With the right equipment and knowledge, replacement is not a difficult job, but it is beyond the competence of all but a handful of repairers in the UK.


Oversize pins can be used, but applying useless chemicals to lock the pins should not be attempted. After such treatment economically viable repair of the piano is rarely an option. Older pianos usually suffer collapse of the dome of the sound board and/or fracture of the joints in the sound board and micro cracking of the bridge cap. To re-string a piano without attending to these matters is total waste of money. It is not uncommon to find plastic wood filler covered with a liberal layer of varnish in a cracked soundboard to disguise the fact this work has not been done.









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Ready now: RONSON 5 foot baby grand. Polished mahogany. Completely restored.

Coming soon: BLUTHNER Boudoir grand in rich rosewood with original pattern turned legs.

Updated on 3rd March 2010



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Westminster Pianos

About Westminster Pianos

Westminster Pianos was established by Ronald G Ware in 1952 after working for 5 years for a Bournemouth piano company. Westminster Pianos was the contract piano tuners and restorers to Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire for over 30 years until government policy changed and stopped piano contract work with the advent of local school management and decentralization of expenditure.

Westminster Pianos then went on to be school contractors to West Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Surrey throughout the 1990's and up to the present day.

Ronald G Ware's son Nigel R Ware came into the family business from 1984 after leaving school, but had already been working with pianos since the age of 3 years old, having started dusting down piano parts.