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Piano Restorations

In addition to full piano renovation we can arrange to veneer pianos in any chosen wood finish. As well as full renovation we undertake hammer replacement, hammer re-shaping, piano keyboard and action repair. After such work the piano action will need key levelling, re-weighting, and facing of the new hammers to the piano strings. The latter operations are time consuming but is vital work which many technicians “overlook” because the average PIANO TECHNICIAN LACKS THE NECESSARY EXPERIENCE.


Westminster Pianos take pride that when they renovate a piano they attend to everything that is wrong, but in addition also have the experience to know what may require attention later of a kind that would mean earlierwork would be wasted. In the long term, partial renovation is wasteful of clients’ money. On completion clients get their piano back with it looking and sounding as good as, or better than it was when new.


The message is that if you intend to have your piano restored, be certain you have appointed the right person to carry out all the necessary work whether it shows or not. There is much more to renovating a piano than polishing and cleaning the case and fitting bright new piano strings.


Generally it is only possible to justify total piano renovation of selected models of premier makes such as Bosendorfer (except those with Vienna action and Model 213), Steinway, some Bechsteins prior to 1940 and Bluthner up to 7 foot size. Most other makes and models cost more to renovate than the value of the finished instrument. There are however exceptions and it is important to take advice before scrapping any piano. Historical pianos or those of sentimental value may also be lovingly restored.



The age of the piano is not critical providing the frame is not cracked. Although a cracked frame can be mended it is rarely wise to do this. Quality, well designed instruments of 100 years old and more can be restored to look and sound as they were whennew. Some professionally restored craftsman built old pianos we consider significantly better than their modern new factory mass produced counterparts.

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Ready now: RONSON 5 foot baby grand. Polished mahogany. Completely restored.

Coming soon: BLUTHNER Boudoir grand in rich rosewood with original pattern turned legs.

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Westminster Pianos

About Westminster Pianos

Westminster Pianos was established by Ronald G Ware in 1952 after working for 5 years for a Bournemouth piano company. Westminster Pianos was the contract piano tuners and restorers to Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire for over 30 years until government policy changed and stopped piano contract work with the advent of local school management and decentralization of expenditure.

Westminster Pianos then went on to be school contractors to West Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Surrey throughout the 1990's and up to the present day.

Ronald G Ware's son Nigel R Ware came into the family business from 1984 after leaving school, but had already been working with pianos since the age of 3 years old, having started dusting down piano parts.