Dorset Piano Restored Steinway Sales, & Used Uprights

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Restoring pianos in Dorset for all over the country. We are a piano restoration business which was established in 1953.

View our reconditioned quality Steinway grand piano sales, restored to the highest standards in our shop. All Steinway pianos are reconditioned with traditional materials, come to our showroom to see for yourself. By appointment, unless the sandwich board is on display.

All piano restorations have frame removed, soundboard stripped and refinished. We do not replace Steinway soundboards, we are not interested in producing Steinwas, only Steinways from the golden age of Steinway manufacturing. We pride ourselves on using traditional materials, especially on the soundboard and casework. The soundboards we use traditional varnishes and not spray modern materials. On the casework to showcase the wonderful hardwood rare veneers we use the old craftsmen techniques of French polish which is extremely time consuming but produces gorgeous warm rich tones.

steinway,pianoSteinway excellence – Timeless design

Proud restored Steinway pianos, throughout Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire and Hampshire.

Please be sure to view our thoroughly checked over and refurbished and totally restored selection of pianos, from a learner piano all the way up to the very best pianist piano.We always stock Yamaha and Kawai and black high gloss modern pianos, please get in touch for latest stock.